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Delaware Valley Pagan Gardening Meetup for the Community Center

The time is now, good-hearted pagans, to pitch in and help contribute our share to the DVPN/Phactory Community Center!The Phactory is located at 1828 E. Somerset Street. That's less than a block from the Somerset station on the Frankford El. By auto, it is about one mile from either the Girard Avenue or Allegheny Avenue exits from I-95. Precise directions available if you need them.We are restoring the courtyard of this historical industrial space for use as a community garden, ritual space, and performance space. As the Phactory restoration project continues, we will continue to be involved in helping to open this center to the Delaware Valley Pagan community.</p>

Pagan gardening workday for the community center
Sunday, May 18, 2008 at 10:00AM

For this work date, we need at least two sets of workers.GARDENERS must study this walled courtyard and develop a harmonious plan to tend it, using available urns and other tools. They need to form a collective that exchanges information and oversees that basic tasks are carried out.WOODCHUCKS are needed to chuck wood: 1,000 huge handfuls of illicitly-dumped trash, mostly wood debris, must be removed from part of this courtyard.And much more! Want to do something else? Have other skills/resources? Just email me! Thanks!

The Phactory1828 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

See the full event details at

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