Bob Bruhin (bruhinb) wrote in mid_atlanticppp,
Bob Bruhin

Storms dampen DVPN spirits

We had our meeting on Saturday, May 31, as planned, but weather and other factors kept many attendees away.

Fortunately, Michael and I were able to use the time to discuss ideas and share more thoughts about the potential future of the site. I also had the opportunity to see much more of the site than I ever had before. This only left more excited at the potential the space has to offer once we have it secured and start getting up and running.

Our next work day is Saturday, June 7. Hopefully we'll have plenty of brilliant weather and people out to help us that day. We're also discussing some, "fun only," meetups in the neighborhood, just to give DVPN members a chance to see the environment our center will eventually inhabit. This neighborhood is really starting grow and change; a few years from now, we'll be in the middle of a thriving arts community here!

Anyway, more details later. Hope to see many of you on June 7.


Pagan gardening workday for the community center
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